COMIVE  creates and implements staffing strategies for world class companies.


We understand that companies are unique and therefore we customize our services for each client in an endeavor to enable our clients to be more competitive in their respective core business.


We use a variety of ‘best practice’ strategies that meet the needs of our clients.


We treat people with dignity and respect.

Our service is based on values of honesty, integrity and consistency.


Based on our reputation for responsiveness, quality and resourcefulness,

our mission is to be your choice for HR outsourcing.


We offer cost-effective, experienced professionals for companies to meet long-term HR commitments and day-to-day challenges


Our Vision

To be a world class service company  specialized in providing human resources  to the offshore drilling industry, exceeding our customers' expectations.

As a strategic partner,

we provide HR professionals who add immediate value so you can continue to advance initiatives and goals critical to achieving your company’s mission.

Our Values

Integrity | Honesty | Responsibility

Excellence | Attitude | Consistency